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The university of Leeds is one of the world's top 100 universities, one of the UK's top universities, a member of the Russell group of universities and a member of the university of red brick.
The university enjoys a high reputation for teaching and research. In the only official REF evaluation in the UK, the comprehensive strength of the university of Leeds ranks in the top 10 in the UK.
Leeds is the second largest financial and legal centre in the UK.
Extensive curriculum: the university of Leeds has 26 faculties, 33 departments, more than 600 undergraduate programmes and 312 postgraduate degree programmes.
The university has a strong graduate school, with more than 8,000 students enrolled.
It covers literature, social sciences, economy, business management, chemistry, electronic communication, information technology, education, civil engineering, architecture, electronics, machinery, food, law, medical care, textiles, transportation, biotechnology, earth sciences, etc.
It is one of the UK universities offering the most courses.
The university of Leeds has 55 faculties (departments and centres), whose research and teaching interests cover the vast majority of social sciences and natural sciences. Currently, the university of Leeds offers 610 undergraduate bachelor's degree programmes and 720 postgraduate taught courses.
The university of Leeds is the second largest university in the UK, with approximately 30,500 students from over 130 countries and a faculty of 8,800.
The university of Leeds offers a wide range of specialties, with research and teaching directions covering most areas of social and natural science.
At present, the university of Leeds offers more than 700 different undergraduate degree courses in engineering, science, medicine, education (including English teaching), law, languages (Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, etc.), accounting, humanities and arts, and many other interdisciplinary subjects.
Leeds university's business school is the best in Britain.
In the 2008 financial times ranking of global MBA programmes, Leeds ranked 48th in the world