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The University of New South Wales is a member of Australia's eight leading universities and the Universitas 21 consortium. The University has nine faculties, including the Faculty of Literature and Social Sciences, the Faculty of The Built Environment, the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Science, the Australian School of Business and the Australian Defence Force Academy. The university offers a range of undergraduate, master's and doctoral programs, Such as advanced mathematics, aviation engineering, architecture, art, dance, biotechnology, business, chemistry, civil engineering, communications, computer science, digital media, economics, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, science, art, food, industrial design, information systems, interior architecture, law, landscape architecture, mechanical engineering, journalism, medicine, music, psychology and so on. The school has strong subjects such as law, medicine, business and art. In 2008, UNSW ranked fifth in Australia and 12th in the Asia-pacific region. Ranked 45th in the World Higher Education University Rankings published by The Times in 2008. The New South Wales College of Art and Design is one of Australia's largest, most dynamic and diverse schools for creative arts, design and media. The School of Art and Design offers more disciplinary and interdisciplinary learning opportunities than any other Australian creative school. The school encourages groundbreaking approaches to creating and understanding art and design to influence the social, technological and environmental issues of our time. The school supports experimentation and exploration and promotes collaboration among the humanities, social sciences, science and engineering. The school's teaching and research focuses on art theory, design, fine arts, media arts, curatorial and cultural leadership, and visualization, simulation and immersive design. The School of Art and Design's undergraduate, graduate and research programs are taught by renowned scholars, practicing artists and designers, and professional technicians. The School of Art and Design offers undergraduate and Master's degree programs: Bachelor of Media Arts - Animation, Visual Effects, Sound, Moving Image and 3D Visualization, Bachelor of Design, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Design, Master of Simulation and Immersive Technology, Master of Curation and Cultural Leadership, Master of Visualization, Simulation and Immersive Design, There are also graduate Certificate in Visual, Analog and Immersive Design, Graduate Diploma in Design and Graduate Certificate in Design programmes.