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Students from 11 colleges provided 150 departments readings college or graduate courses: Economics and business, mathematics, electrical, construction, legal, medical, nursing, Health Sciences, music, education, literature and social science, art and design.
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Education / Humanities: native cultural studies; music; music; drama; Australian cultural studies; education; practical art; humanities; English; linguistics; linguistics; history; philosophy; religious studies; anthropology and sociology; recreation and tourism research; social work
Engineering / building environment: Architecture; architectural design; civil engineering; environmental engineering; mechanical engineering; surveying; computer science; computer engineering; electronic engineering; software engineering; telecommunications engineering
Health Science: anatomy; experimental pharmacology; human physiology; immunology and microbiology; Biochemistry; genetics; medical / radiological sciences; nutrition; occupation health and safety; physical therapy; occupation disease treatment; medicine; human health; Clinical Pathology; Department of Obstetrics and gynecology / nursing
Information Science / engineering, food engineering; human nutrition; Chinese herbal medicine; marine science; aeronautics; psychology; information system; information engineering; biology; chemistry; geography and environment science; geology; mathematics; physics; statistics