Australia diploma

where I get Universityof Technology Sydney certificate?
University of Technology Sydney (English: University of Technology, Sydney, UTS) is located in New South Wales, Australian capital of Sydney City, it is a business, law, education, science and technology oriented comprehensive university, Australia one of the world's top 200 schools.UTS offers English language training courses to students who wish to improve their oral, written and academic English skills. UTS provides a wide range of English courses to students in Australia, but also provide the basis for learning and diploma courses to Australian and international students business consulting technology, communications, design, construction, economic mathematics, science and engineering disciplines. In the Department of business, design, building and construction, education, engineering, humanities and Social Sciences, law, technology consulting, nursing, midwifery and health and science, providing a total of more than 100 undergraduate courses and more than 200 postgraduate courses.Master of business school include: Master of Business Administration (without work experience); Master of Business Administration (professional accounting, the professional approved by CPA); Master of marketing, master of international marketing event management, master, master of sports management, tourism management etc..