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Monash college is geared toward Australian and international students, and its diploma program serves as a bridge for students to make the transition from secondary school to university. International and Australian students attending monash college diploma courses are required to pay tuition fees. The diploma courses offered by the college are divided into two parts:
1. Diploma course part 1 (equivalent to Australian secondary 12) : students can enter diploma course part 1 if they successfully complete the secondary 11 course or have an equivalent degree. The course is the equivalent of a 12th-grade secondary school, though it is closer to the degree courses that may be taken in the future. International students who have reached the first part of the diploma programme may choose to attend the first year of a bachelor's degree from monash university.
2. Diploma part 2 (equivalent to the first year of college) : if the student completes the 12th-grade course or holds an equivalent degree, he or she will receive the first part of the diploma course credits and then enter the second part of the diploma course. The second part of the diploma course corresponds to the first year of college. During the learning process, students will master the skills of studying in the university, so as to complete the university degree smoothly; At the same time, this is the beginning of undergraduate degree.Monash University degree,Murdoch diploma,As one of the pioneers of European business schools, Business, physics, chemistry, engineering, materials, electronics, computers, biology, medicine, pharmaceuticals, economics, mathematics, law, drama, music, etc.Monash University transcript,buy Australia degree and Transcript,buy Monash University diploma, buy Monash University diploma, buy a fake degree from buy Monash University, fake Monash University degree, buy Monash University certificate, how to buy university of Monash University certificate online?