Australia diploma

Griffith University bachelor of commerce degree
Griffith university is honored as one of the most innovative universities in Australia and one of the most influential universities in the asia-pacific region. This reputation is based entirely on the initiative of the project, interdisciplinary teaching and research, and the positive response to social needs. The university offers a variety of innovative and relevant degrees, offering 268 undergraduate programs and 382 graduate programs. Griffith university is the first school in Australia to offer degrees in environmental science and Asian studies. Many courses include internship and graduate with good employability. There is a wealth of student support and opportunities to exchange studies in more than 80 countries. The school has worked hard to develop leadership talent capable of solving future global problems.

The university offers more than 300 undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as preparatory courses and English language courses. Majors mainly include: Banking, finance and insurance management, accounting, international business, economics, business and administration, hotel management, tourism/club/resort management, business, MBA, law, modern Asian studies, liberal arts, communication, screen production, women's studies, language, and environmental engineering/management, environmental design, public health, land management and ecological treatment, ecological tourism, Marine biology, psychology and leisure management, nursing, health science, criminal trial study, sports, information technology, software, biological medicine, aeronautics, biotechnology, biochemistry, pharmacy, special education, Adult vocational training, science and technology education, applied linguistics, TESOL, elementary/intermediate education, graphic design, art, photography, music, animation production, interior design, screen production, film and television, microelectronics/software/civil/architectural engineering.

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