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Griffith University bachelor transcript of commerce
The university has 46 departments covering 10 areas: literature, business, education, engineering and information technology, health, law and criminology, music, natural and architectural environments, physics, visual and creative arts. The courses are designed to teach students relevant knowledge and skills, enabling graduates to cope with the challenges posed by globalization in business, government and academic research.

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The university offers more than 300 courses, as well as preparatory courses and English language courses. Mainly includes: trade, business law, law, international business, information technology, multimedia, tourism and hotel management, humanities, communication, Asian and international studies, music, creative arts, painting, design, film and television production, leisure, education, health care, nursing, psychology, applied linguistics, science, environmental science and engineering, ocean/wild biology and ecology
Undergraduate majors include: multimedia and information technology, mass media, hotel management, international finance, financial planning and investment, financial planning, investment, trade, business communication, performing music, engineering and software engineering, law, international business, business management, business management, psychology, human resource management, teaching and leisure management