New Zealand diploma

Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology
Graduate Certificate (12 months): accounting, business information systems, business transformation and change, event management, human resource management, innovation and entrepreneurship, management and production management, project management, sales and marketing
Bachelor's degree (36 months): Bachelor of business computer, enterprise innovation management, bachelor, Bachelor of nursing, Bachelor of Japanese midwifery bachelor, bachelor, bachelor, radio communication, medical imaging diagnosis design bachelor bachelor, engineering technology.
College certificate (12 months): accounting, business management, construction technology, jazz studies, natural science, electronic technology, electronic communications and computer technology, civil engineering, management management, guest reception room decoration, commercial computer, computer network, construction engineering.
Junior College (12 months): English, tourism and office administration, science, fashion design, hospitality, catering and tourism, adventure travel, photography.
Certificate of competency (12 months): computer aided design, multimedia, digital design, three business dimension design and animation design, printmaking, design history, e-commerce.
Preparatory Course Certificate (6 months to 12 months): business, mechanical engineering, computer, design, hospitality, Science (health care, pre MED)