Britain diploma

Cardiff University degree in Clinical Dermatology
Cardiff university has close contacts with China in many fields such as culture, education and media. In 2008, Cardiff university set up a Confucius institute with the assistance of xiamen university. Under the guidance of hanban, the two universities sent teachers to study and communicate with each other, which was strongly supported by prince Charles of the United Kingdom. In 2011, Chinese ambassador to the UK liu xiaoming visited Cardiff university and affirmed the exchange and cooperation between Cardiff university and top universities in China, and praised Cardiff university as "leading not only in wales but also among British universities" [38]. In the introduction of education resources by the Chinese embassy in the UK, Cardiff university, together with Oxford University, Cambridge university, imperial college, London school of economics and political science, Warwick university, university of Manchester and university of Edinburgh, has become a "famous university" representing education level in the UK.