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Selkirk college diploma,management and operations
The school has school of art, education school of adult basics, school of business and aviation industry, school of digital media, music and school of information technology, school of health and humanities, school of tourism, school of industrial and commercial training, school of reuse resources and college of arts and sciences. In addition to providing English training and a wide range of junior college courses, there is also a 2-year university transfer course, which is recognized by all BC provincial universities. The college of reuse resources is one of the most popular colleges for Canadian students. In addition, many majors opened by the college have been recognized and well received by relevant institutions. For example, hilk college is the only institution of higher education institutions in the province of British Columbia that offers a major in forestry and environmental planning and is accredited by the technologist (CCTT) and the provincial association of forestry experts (ABCFP). The college's entertainment, fisheries and wildlife biology majors are also well received by the international body, the north American wildlife science and technology association (NAWTA), whose graduates have the opportunity to gain membership and expertise in NAWTA.

Undergraduate major: liberal arts, science, business, applied science, environmental science and management, sports physics education, computer information system, forestry, social work, nursing, etc.
Professional and technical majors: business technology, child care education, business management, computer information system, golf course management, integrated environmental planning technology, office administration, resort and hotel management, chemical resort management, etc.
Two-year diploma in business administration, computer information systems, contemporary music technology, forestry technology, golf course management, environmental planning, multimedia production and design, nursing, office management, fisheries and wildlife, resort and hotel management, etc.
English: English language courses are offered on the casa campus with a total of 6 levels, and the top 5 levels are from basic to advanced ESL courses, including grammar, writing, students can also take preparatory courses of TOEFL, conversation, computer application knowledge, Canadian studies, etc. Some senior students can also choose specialized courses, such as mathematics, economics, psychology, etc.