How to get undergraduate degree in thailand
How to get undergraduate degree in thailand. Buy a Thailand's degree certificate. A bachelor's degree in Thailand's set vary with different professional disciplines and departments. Bachelor's degree usually requires four years of full-time study and complete the minimum 120 credits, but some disciplines, such as architecture and pharmacy professional need five years time and minimum of 150 credits; Medical, dental and veterinary medicine takes six years and the minimum of 180 credits. In addition, minimum 72 credits continue undergraduate education program requirements. Continue undergraduate education program applicants must obtain higher vocational certificate or similar professional qualification in education, or college degree, at the same time must be finished high school graduate or equivalent of four years, five years, six years project. In Thailand for the 6-3-3 school system. Among them, six years of primary school education and three years of junior high school education is compulsory education. High school education can be obtained after the completion of high school graduation certificate. Higher education diploma including specialty degree, a bachelor's degree, diploma, master's degree, higher qualifications and doctor's degree. Buy a degree, How to get undergraduate degree in thailand.