Where to buy a "Thai" degree, Khon Kaen University certif
Where to buy a "Thai" degree, Khon Kaen University certificate. Khon Kaen University marketing degree certificate, Bachelor of Science (B.S) in Marketing with grade score of 73% which is an "A", Major in Marketing, Minor in International Business & Psychology, has to be from Khon Kaen University, dates from 2001-2004 attendance. Khon kaen university, Thailand Khon kaen university, Thailand is located in the northeastern Thailand vibrant city - khon kaen city. Khon kaen university, founded in 1964, the campus covers an area of 10000 mu, the first seven more than 200 national university in Thailand is one of the famous university, in the past two years ranked first in a row, the evaluation of the ranked 17th in Asia. Teaching college, there are currently 22 320 professional, including a total of 73 PhD degree, master of more than 170 professionals, 77 undergraduate majors and students more than 39000 people, 60% were undergraduates, there are more than 500 doctoral students.
Khon kaen university or Thailand's first major colleges and universities at the same time, the campus covers an area of ten thousand mu, more than 35000 people, students from all over the world in the high level of teacher team composed of experts and scholars, 90% of the teachers have a Ph.D., is the largest and most authoritative northeastern Thailand, education and research. At present, the university has 21 secondary colleges and more than 300 professional disciplines, including more than 40 international and English course distribution in various fields, can be provided to students around the world from undergraduate to PhD learning opportunities. University also widely international cooperation at the same time, successively and Europe and the United States and other countries more than university signed a cooperation agreement, covering many subjects, make sure the two fields: the teaching and scientific research in advance of the world, as well as from khon kaen university students to set up a platform to the world. buy Khon Kaen University certificate in Thailand, buy fake diplomas online, buy fake Khon Kaen University degree certificate, buy Khon Kaen University certificate marketing degree. Where to buy a "Thai" degree, Khon Kaen University certificate.