Australia has become the first choice of immigrant students,
Australia has become the first choice of immigrant students, buy Australia diploma. fake transcripts, fake high school diploma, fake college degree, fake degree, fake certificate. The United States, Canada, Australia and Europe's abundant education resources, many world-famous universities, especially the United States, American colleges and universities dominate the world top half schools, study abroad is the preferred destination countries.But if consider immigration in the future, the United States and European countries are not excellent choice for countries.Before students and their parents choose to study abroad countries, it is important to understand the country's international graduates work permit and immigration policy.
Europe's densely populated, with limited resources, is a immigration country;American education resources are abundant, but immigration requirements strictly.If consider to study abroad after graduation immigration country, should be the preferred Canada, Australia, the two countries to study performance-to-price ratio is high.Canada currently studying in plus 2 years international graduates work permit for three years, is currently the longest time for all nations, and no specifics, does not require international give proof of employers to hire graduates to apply for a work visa, immigration and quick;Australian international graduates work permit deadline for 18 months;Most European countries only half a year;Two and a half years in science and engineering in the United States, the science and engineering, relative European countries licenses is a bit long, but because many international students talents abound, visa application queue length, competition is intense, after work to the time worried about unemployment affect the visa application.
International students in Canada advantage is strong, but the application is relatively strict, warranty bond to cover the entire study process, for a request for 12 months, denied loans.Canada some schools may apply for admission, without language, such as the university of Manitoba, Victoria university, etc.In addition to the university, the Canadian provincial public community or institute pays attention to students' practice, the students in a short period of time can have the job skills, and low tuition fees, for two full years for transfer credits comprehensive university, is a shortcut at school. Australia has become the first choice of immigrant students, buy Australia diploma.