There are three characteristics Studying abrord,buy a diplom
There are three characteristics Studying abrord, buy a diploma, buy degree certificate, buy transcript. Although there is no government can provide the specific situation of the students abroad, but journalists were surveyed in shenzhen after several intermediary institutions and schools, and found out the basic information: shenzhen children study presents three characteristics.
The first is scale expands rapidly, the number increases year by year.The earliest students study abroad mainly has two kinds, one kind is very good family condition, the so-called "rich";One is particularly good for his achievements, can go to the foreign scholarship."Things are different now, study abroad has entered the" popularization "era."Hualian study abroad service center of miss li said, as shenzhen overall wealth has increased and the appreciation of the renminbi, as well as the low threshold of study abroad, shenzhen general working-class children joined the study in the spring tide."We do go out a lot of family economic situation here is very general, the center of the business have double-digit growth every year."The reporter understands, because of the rapid increase in the number of going abroad, study abroad intermediary institutions in shenzhen also have sprung up across China, summer study abroad seminar is successive.Parents and children choose to study abroad destination mainly Britain, Canada, Australia and the United States.
The second characteristic is carried out.Intermediary agencies and a number of staff told reporters that their main customers are middle school students, among them the most middle school students, college students and adults of smaller.And Lu Yi introduction overseas service center, they center reception customers recently, the number of middle school students account for up to 7, the vast majority is out high school or prep.And one not to be named a mediation, although the nation in opposition to the junior middle school students go abroad to study, but to their consultation of junior middle school students parents more and more, this year they have already run out more than ten."After the children to go abroad, if there is no foreign relatives, parents must be a with in the past." There are three characteristics Studying abrord,buy a diploma,buy degree certificate,buy transcript.