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University of St Andrews is not only a world-renowned teaching and Research Center, but also a very good institution in the UK. In various rankings, University of St Andrews is often among the best. University of St Andrews international students accounted for 12%, Britain's Prince William in 2001 to become a member of the st.. The quality of teaching and research is so high that students are proud of being able to wear red gowns. There are not many people in the town, the University and the city as one, as beautiful as the city. University of St Andrews in 2009, Times latest ranking for fifth, her matriculation is divided into undergraduate matriculation, master's preparatory (two), matriculation for junior college students and matriculation for undergraduate students.

In recent years, TheTimes assessment level: evaluation score remained the top 10, fifth teaching quality, research quality ninth, admission standards ninth, teacher-student ratio twenty-second, thirteenth computer books funds, equipment funds eleventh, honours the proportion of students in second, graduated second.
TAC (Taiwan, Access, Course) Chinese students' pre courses: students who want to apply to British universities for high school graduation in China, an intensive class that emphasizes academic English and learning skills in universities.
Pre-MBA MBA courses: the university diploma and want to study business management courses or other business, but the desire to strengthen its English ability and practice related business courses.
DBE (Diplomain, Business, and, English) Diploma in business and English: a student who has no college background but wants to pursue a master's degree in business at British universities. As one of the four ancient universities in Scotland, the school has a special degree for Humanities and Social Sciences graduates, entitled Arts (Master of). It is also the only university in Scotland that does not have a law course.

University of St Andrews has always maintained an excellent and leading position in academic research. Major strengths include economics, chemistry, geography, mathematics and statistics, physics, history, cellular and molecular biology, organic biology, European languages, psychology. Curriculum: PAC (Postgraduate Access Course) Graduate English class for graduate degrees and courses to strengthen their academic writing and speaking ability of students in the UK, which involves participation in their professional courses in the field of research.