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University College London - University College London (UCL) in England after Oxford, Cambridge after the third establishment of the University, one of the first to allow students from any racial, religious and class of the University, is the first university in the UK provided women equal rights of higher education, the first in the history of the student union and the University theatre were born. University College London, adjacent to the British Museum and the British Library, is located in the centre of London, making it the most expensive university. UCL suffered a very serious bombing during the Second World War, the reconstruction of the university to expand the scale of the present teaching of regional land area of 16 hectares, 36 hectares of the venue; in addition to the dormitory outside a total construction area of 295 thousand square meters.

Schools and Departments
University College London (UCL) is the largest and most comprehensive university in the uk. According to the University of British studies, RAE2008's data show that 63 of the departments have reached world-class levels of research, second only to Oxford and Cambridge. The law for the UK, second of the English and economics, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) economics is known as the current economics Gemini, amongst the highest in the world. Historically, UCL first pioneered English literature, French, German, Italian and geography. The first undergraduate teaching laboratory for physics and chemistry. It was also the first university in the United Kingdom to provide systematic education in law, medicine, engineering and architecture. At the same time, it is the first time in geography, chemistry, English, French, German, Italian, psychology, chemical engineering, electronic engineering, animal science, phonetics, Egyptology, papyrological (Study of ancient manuscripts tracing) subject set up a professorship. University College London law school has been one of Britain's top law schools. According to the London Times in 2005, "people in the industry consider it the best law school in Britain."". In the British government's 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) assessment results, University College London law school strength of law research and London School of Economics and Political Science tied for the first place in the uk.