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The University of Warwick (University of Warwick) is a campus university, founded in 1965, has more than 17000 students and more than 4000 staff members, there are students from more than 100 countries in more than 4000 international students. As a young university, University of Warwick enjoys a good academic reputation both in the UK and around the world. Since the university rankings of British media, University of Warwick has been in the top ten. In recent years, it has remained among the top ten universities in the top five in the uk.

College characteristics
As one of the famous British university, University of Warwick for many years among the best in the evaluation of English teaching research universities, many of which subjects more in the UK universities for the top three list, including business administration, economics, international relations and computer science etc..
Schools and Departments
University of Warwick has four branch: School of humanities, science, social sciences and School of medicine, there are 30 departments and 50 research centers, 120 different professional undergraduate degree and more than 100 master's and doctoral degree. Among them, Warwick Business School is regarded as a miracle in the history of the development of University of Warwick. After 40 short years of development, it has ranked twenty-sixth in several thousand business schools around the world. Other well received disciplines include law, molecular biology, education, English, mathematics, statistics, media, classical history, theatre and film studies, philosophy, sociology, etc.. The school also offers adult and lifelong education programmes with flexible learning arrangements.