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University of Leeds is the world's top 100, Britain's top universities, Russell group members, members of the University of red brick. The school enjoys a high reputation in teaching and research. In the UK's only official REF assessment, University of Leeds's overall strength was among the top 10 in the uk. Liz is the second largest financial and legal center in britain.

School features:
The research achievements in teaching L, first-class school are among the best in the ranking of UK universities over the years, the most authoritative University in the UK times 2005 the latest comprehensive ranking is ranked thirty-eighth; "the guardian" in 2010 2008, the all England university rankings for twentieth. 80% of the Department of teaching quality evaluation is excellent, 70% of the Department of research quality evaluation for more than 5 stars, is the British elite League Rusell Group members.fake University of Leeds diploma, fake University of Leeds degree, fake University of Leeds certificate, fake University of Leeds transcript.
2, a wide range of courses: University of Leeds, there are 26 colleges, 33 departments, providing more than 600 undergraduate courses, 312 graduate degree courses. The Graduate School of the university is strong and the number of graduate students is more than 8000. Covering literature, social science, economics, business management, chemical, electronic communication, information technology, education, civil engineering, construction, electronics, machinery, food, medical care, legal, textile, transportation, bio technology, earth science, etc.. Is one of the UK universities offering the most courses.
3, first-class teaching facilities: the school library is one of the largest university libraries in Britain, and the collection of books is rich and varied. There are 2600000 books, more than 12500 periodicals, and an online inquiry system. The advanced computer room has more than 1600 computers and has built a large computer network with more than 1200 terminals. The language center is equipped with the most advanced facilities for students to use audio and video equipment as well as satellite TV channels and to access computer storage data. School sports facilities include two large indoor stadium and a large outdoor playground, students will also organized the establishment of more than 200 social, cultural and sports clubs and overseas students association, the full range of multi angle to enrich students' extracurricular life.
4, convenient transportation: Liz city has a wide range of transportation network, leading to all major cities in britain. It takes about 3 hours to get to London by train. It's only about 1 hours drive from Manchester.
5, to ensure that the industry internship opportunities: Leeds University and the industry has a wide range of contacts, all professional graduate and undergraduate courses have a certain proportion of the industry internship content.
Institutions set up:
University of Leeds consists of 55 Colleges (departments, center), research and teaching direction covers the vast majority of social science and natural science field, the University of Leeds can provide up to 610 bachelor degree courses and 720 postgraduate taught courses. University of Leeds is the second largest university in the UK, with about 30500 students from more than 130 countries and 8800 faculty members. University of Leeds has a wide range of specialties, with research and teaching covering the majority of social and natural sciences.University of Leeds diploma, University of Leeds certificate, University of Leeds degree, degrees, University of Leeds transcript, fake University of Leeds diploma, fake University of Leeds degree, fake University of Leeds certificate, fake University of Leeds transcript, buy University of Leeds degree, make University of Leeds diploma, make University of Leeds degree. At present, University of Leeds has provided up to more than 700 different undergraduate degree courses, disciplines including engineering, science, medicine, education (including English teaching), legal language (Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and so on), accounting, arts and humanities, as well as many interdisciplinary disciplines etc.. The business school at University of Leeds is the best in britain.