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University of Birmingham (University of Birmingham), located in Bermingham, England, is one of the famous "red brick" universities in British history. He is currently a member of the Russell university group and a founding member of the international university organization Universitas 21, and serves as Secretary General of the organization. University of Birmingham, one of the most famous universities in the UK, is the best in the UK and the oldest in the campus. The excellent teaching and research in University of Birmingham has enjoyed a high reputation all over the world. University of Birmingham is located in Bermingham, the second largest city in britain. University of Birmingham is now one of the top universities in the world famous, the initial goals of the Study Institute for science, industrial and engineering, after a century of development, the school has now developed into a comprehensive university academic oriented research, the goal is extended to all areas and show outstanding research results, to become a world-class research university. In addition to the University of Birmingham enjoys a reputation for excellence in scientific research, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, education, law and other fields have received international acclaim, has studied in the UK university ranking in the top board of education evaluation. And the University of Birmingham's research into European affairs has also been very impressive and has earned high ratings and prestige.fake University of Birmingham diploma, fake University of Birmingham degree, fake University of Birmingham certificate, fake University of Birmingham transcript

College characteristics
1, school scale and nature, advantage disciplines: University of Birmingham Institute is the only hotel tourism professional college in britain. High quality teaching facilities and the school wide set of professional courses, attracting a large number of overseas students enroll in matriculation courses, diploma, foundation degree, bachelor's degree to graduate a series of hotel management and Tourism Management courses. Its major areas include hotel management, tourism management, sports and leisure management, marketing, culinary arts and child care management. All courses focus on developing high levels of job skills and management knowledge, enabling students to perform tasks well in any work team.
2, outstanding research teaching quality: rich faculties and with industry closely related to Europe, North America and Asia Hotel Training and education is always in the leading position in the industry, retail, food management, business salon management and nursing curriculum is also renowned. Students who have successfully completed their studies are awarded either an undergraduate or a master's degree from University of Birmingham.
3, flexible and practical courses: undergraduate courses in 3 years and 4 years, 4 years for a sandwich type part of global recognition (Sandwich) system, which each student can get in the UK and other European countries a year paid internship, graduation employment based lay a solid valuable the. The hotel management undergraduate courses are set up 1 years, organized by the College internship, location in the UK or abroad. In addition, tourism business management, as part of the EU EU funding program, allows students to study in countries such as Spain, Holland, Finland or Ireland, and even visit schools in the Mediterranean or North africa. In addition, the school offers a variety of language courses designed to enable students to learn Italian, German, French, Dutch, or Spanish while they are fluent in english.University of Birmingham diploma, University of Birmingham certificate, University of Birmingham degree, degrees, University of Birmingham transcript, fake University of Birmingham diploma, fake University of Birmingham degree, fake University of Birmingham certificate, fake University of Birmingham transcript, buy University of Birmingham degree, make University of Birmingham diploma, make University of Birmingham degree

Schools and Departments
The university consists of 7 colleges, namely, the Faculty of Arts, the commercial academy of Social Sciences, the school of education and extension, the school of engineering, the law school, the school of medicine and dentistry, and the school of science. Outstanding courses: American studies, dentistry, electrical and electronic engineering, English, international monetary and banking, geography, geology, history, art history, architecture and design, Italian language and Iberian Studies, Middle East and Africa, research, molecular biology, music, physics and astronomy, Russian and Eastern European languages and studies, sociology.