University of Southern California bachelor of administration
Southern California has one hundred years of history, its course level is positive, the school of business, film, propagation, architecture, medicine and institute of technology and other departments in the United States in the university is quite prominent, in the us news and world report's rankings, never absent. Especially film academy with the Hollywood film industry development, has created a lot of film of the wizards, is one of the most famous alumni movie series "Star Wars" director George Lucas and sound master class bout, "the Da Vinci code" director RON Howard, forrest gump director Robert zemeckis gith, John m liao, chocolate factory director David l. volpp, these alumni after fame with funding for the development of the school, is one of the abundant resources of the diploma,buy degree,buy University of Southern California transcript,where to buy University of Southern California degree,how to buy fake University of Southern California diploma,USC Village The University of Southern California is a leading private research university located in Los Angeles。