University of birmingham degree,UoB diploma
University of birmingham degree,UoB diploma,University of Birmingham in addition to enjoy high reputation in scientific research, the school in the field of humanities social sciences, education, law and so on also won international praise, education committee in the UK university research assessment rankings are among the best.University of Birmingham degree,University of Birmingham diploma,University of Birmingham certificate,University of UoB transcript,college diploma,university diploma,UoB diploma,UoB degree,UoB bachelor degree,UoB master degree,The university of Birmingham has been keeping close contact with the local industry and commerce of Birmingham, which has created good conditions for students to have internship and employment.In addition, the university of Birmingham is a renowned research university with outstanding achievements in medicine, science, engineering, art, business and social sciences. 
Graduate program major:Legal psychology, the study of contemporary Russia and eastern Europe, senior mechanical engineering, Europe, Germany, the international development, dental, political science, international relations, public management, gender studies, health research, clinical psychology, medicine, biology and environment, molecular pathology, molecular microbiology, molecular and cell biology, plant genetics and cell biology, environment, African research, clinical and molecular genetics, obstetrics and gynecology, psychology, neuroscience, ornithology, pediatrics and child health, physiology, computer science,Outstanding courseStudy in the United States, mechanical engineering, dental medicine, electrical and electronic engineering, English, the international monetary and banking, geography, geology, history, art history, architecture and design, the Iberian language and its research, Italian, middle eastern and African studies, molecular biology, music, physics and astronomy, Russian and eastern European languages and research, sociology.