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Australian National University is famous for its high quality research oriented teaching. In the early 1946, only postgraduate students were recruited. In 1958, the Canberra campus of Melbourne University was taught to offer undergraduate teaching, and in 2006 it was adjusted to 7 major colleges and 4 National Academy of Sciences. At present, the proportion of doctoral degrees in the teaching staff is 86%, the number of academicians in Commonwealth of Australia is 320, and the total number of academicians in the Royal Society of Britain is Australia. One-third of the country's alumni include seven Nobel laureates, two Australian prime ministers, more than 30 current ministers, politicians, prominent scholars and business tycoons.where to buy Australian National University fake degree, how to get a fake diploma from Australian National University, buy University of Birmingham fake diploma, buy Australian National University fake certificate, buy Australian National University fake transcript, how to order Australian National University official transcript, and every year thousands of enthusiastic students from the European Union and the world are entering the door of Australian National University.Australian National University and University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, the University of Berkeley, California, Yale University, the Yale University, the Peking University, and other colleges and universities build an International Research University Alliance for the same international vision and value orientation of the ten school a bachelor degree from Australian National University, buy Australian National University masters degree, how to buy Australian National University  MBA degree, study at Australian National University, where to purchase fake degree from University of North London , buy fake degree in canada
The main department set up by the University (see also the catalogue of "college architecture"): human literature, sociology, physiology, medicine, physics, mathematics, photonics, music, law, finance, business administration, accounting, economics and trade, literature, Asia research, engineering, computer science, law and so on. The Academy of art opened a course of visual arts, music and electrodynamics. Research institutes, research institutes and academic centers have offered courses in biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, earth science, machinery, information science, sociology, Pacific region and Asian studies.