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The university of new haven is a student-centered, comprehensive university with an emphasis on excellence in literature and professional education. Its mission is to prepare students to live purposeful and fulfilling lives in a global society through the quality education we provide and the experience gained through collaboration and basic learning.
Students will receive 75 undergraduate and graduate degrees offered by the university of new haven through in-school and online study at the university of new haven schools of arts and sciences, business school, Henry lee college of criminal justice, and the school of forensic medicine, engineering, and Tagliatela college. Students at the university of new haven will have access to more than 50 study-abroad programs around the world through intense competition. Athletic students at the ncaa college games will compete in the division.
The university of new haven campus is located 75 kilometers northeast of New York and 135 kilometers southwest of Boston. The university has 125 specialties, 30 master's degrees, business school, school of science, school of electrical and applied technology, school of art, and humanities, law and design academic categories. The award of a master's degree in human nutrition, an MBA, a master's degree in Labour relations, and an industrial engineering master's degree encompasses a wide variety of professional areas and work and internship opportunities.