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Columbia University (New York) offer undergraduate and graduate degrees, including: African American studies, anthropology, architecture, ancient research, applied mathematics, English, art history, archaeology, earth science, dance, creative writing, computer science, economics, business administration, film studies, environmental biology, education and so on. Founded in 1965, the Columbia School of the Arts is one of the nation's leading institutions for visual and performing arts research. Master of Fine Arts in Film, Drama, Visual Arts and Writing and Master of Arts in Film and Media Studies from the School of The Arts; Offers interdisciplinary programs in sound arts, as well as joint programs: MFA with Sound Arts and Translation of Colombian literature, to name a few. The academy is made up of talented, visionary and committed artists from around the world, and its faculty is made up of internationally acclaimed artists, film and theatre directors, poetry, fiction and non-fiction writers, playwrights, producers, critics and academics.How to Buy Columbia University fake diploma, buy Columbia University fake degree certificate, Columbia University transcript, Columbia University postgraduate degree. In 2017, the school opened the Lenfest Art Center, which aims to serve as a hub for interdisciplinary art presentation and creation on the University's New Manhattanville campus. The Lenfest Center hosts exhibitions, performances, screenings, symposia, readings and lectures to showcase new global voices and perspectives. The School of The Arts also works closely with the Columbia University Arts Program and organizes the Columbia University Film Festival (CUFF) -- a weeklong program of screenings, screenings, and drama readings. Outstanding graduates of the School of Art include sculptor David Altermeguid, visual artist Lise Raskin, painter Mark Handman, sculptor Banks Violet and painter Dana Schutz, to name a few.Columbia University offers university diploma, higher diploma, associate's degree, bachelor's degree, double degree, postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma, master's degree, doctor's degree, etc.