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Kaplan Higher Education Diploma in commerce business
Trusted international education brand
Kaplan education group is a world-famous multinational education group with annual turnover of usd 2.6 billion, 70 colleges and 1 million students. Kaplan higher education college (Singapore), a fully registered institution under the ministry of education of Singapore, was the first batch of institutes rated as quality education by the government of Singapore (sqc-peo) in 2003, and is also one of the institutes certified by the education Trust of Singapore (Edu Trust).
Diploma is recognised by Singapore ministry of manpower
The bachelor's and master's degrees are recognised by the ministry of manpower, and graduates are eligible to apply to the ministry of manpower for a one-year work permit visa (EPEC), with the opportunity to immigrate to Singapore.
The most popular colleges for local and international students in Singapore:
In the survey report of all kinds of private colleges in Singapore, education college of kaplan is ranked the top, and it is also the private education college that is most trusted and popular by Singaporean students and international students.
Degrees from internationally recognized world-renowned universities:
The degree of a world-renowned university can be obtained, and the university degree is also recognized by the ministry of manpower of Singapore. After graduation, the university can go to Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Singapore world famous universities for further study or work in Singapore.