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University of Washington diploma Bachelor of arts
The university of Washington has 25 colleges, offering more than 250 undergraduate degree programs [20], 346 graduate degree programs, more than 270 research centers, more than 7,000 research positions for undergraduates, and more than 70 language programs. The top 10 American universities are: medical school, school of pharmacy, school of social work, school of public health, school of dentistry, school of nursing, school of life science and school of information science. The university of Washington offers thousands of courses across most of the world's disciplines, making it one of the world's most comprehensive. The department also ranks in the top 10 of American universities: medical research, medical care, computer science, life science, education college, information management, library management, bioengineering, public relations, public health, clinical psychology, sociology and many other subjects.

Specialist at the university of Washington are: mathematics, physics, chemistry, economics, politics, history, music, dance, biological science, psychology, pedagogy, microbial engineering, earth science, nuclear, aerospace engineering, audiology, clinical psychology, computer science, computer engineering, business management, law, medicine, engineering, zoology, forestry, Marine biology, international studies, and more than seventy foreign language courses and so on.

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