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Columbia University has 21 colleges and universities, including 3 undergraduate colleges: Columbia college, education college of general education, and undergraduate college of engineering and applied sciences (3 undergraduate colleges recruit students separately and teach together).
The same requirements for teachers, courses and graduation;14 graduate school: Columbia journalism school, school of international and public affairs, law, business, professional research institute, college of social work, school of architecture, planning and protection, art institute, college of liberal arts, school of engineering and applied science, school of medicine, school of nursing, school of dentistry and oral surgery, school of public health;And four affiliated colleges: Barnard college (women's undergraduate college), Columbia University teachers college, American jewish seminary, and New York concord seminary.Columbia University degree,Murdoch diploma,As one of the pioneers of European business schools, Business, physics, chemistry, engineering, materials, electronics, computers, biology, medicine, pharmaceuticals, economics, mathematics, law, drama, music, etc.Columbia University transcript,buy Australia degree and Transcript,buy Columbia University diploma, buy Columbia University diploma, buy a fake degree from buy Columbia University, fake Columbia University degree, buy Columbia University certificate, how to buy university of Columbia University certificate online?

The School of Professional Studies (SPS) was established in 1995 with 14 MSC and 17 Professional training programmes.
The MSC programs include: actuarial science, applied data analysis, engineering management, architecture management, new energy science, sports management, sports law, media science, corporate risk management, financing management, applied communication science, information management, hotel management, genetic genetics, narrative medicine.Degree programs cover more than one hundred professional areas.In recent years, Columbia University has attached great importance to the construction of this school, which is directly opposite to the business school. Its purpose is to cultivate professional and application-oriented interdisciplinary talents to meet the rapid development of the global market in cutting-edge fields [11].The school's current dean, Jason Wingard, is also an associate dean at the Wharton school at the university of Pennsylvania.
Columbia University high school, undergraduate and other summer exchange and training programs are also under the management of the school.