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Albertus magnus college (new haven) is a small, private liberal arts college in new haven, Connecticut.From 1926, the college built buildings for student housing and administration.The rose hall has become the library of albertus magnus college.The newest building on campus is the academic science, art and technology center, which opened to students in January 2005, designed by Barry Svigals.In 1985 all courses at albertus magnus became cooperative education.In the same year, in order to meet the needs of adult learning, the college of continuing education opened a series of courses including pioneering accelerated courses.In 1994, the school focused on business, which now has undergraduate and master's programs.The school sports center opened in 1989.The $6 million indoor sports center has an indoor swimming pool, gym and indoor track and field, squash and volleyball courts, strength room and dance studio, and a new fitness center.In 1992, the albertus magnus college received its first master's degree, the master of arts.Since then, the school has successively obtained other master's degree granting rights: master of management, master of fine arts in art therapy, master of business administration and so on.