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Alvernia University is a thriving University that combines all of the best attributes of a college with a wealth of opportunities that are usually available only to comprehensive universities.All programs at the university of alvernia emphasize practical, practical "real-world learning" as a feature of campus learning life.In the process of gaining training and education, students transform their passion for life into a passion for lifelong career success and personal fulfillment.Our students follow their hearts into fulfilling careers and exciting lives, and make the world a better place through these activities.Students benefit from the small-class teaching model and a wide range of academic programs.All undergraduate programs are taught by faculty members (not graduate students)- faculty members are senior scholars in their respective fields and are committed to the success of their students.There are more than 100 full-time teachers.Many have had great careers and brought their hands-on experience to the classroom.Many are famous scholars;Some are national experts and even internationally renowned leaders in their fields.The university of alvernia offers a wide range of academic research, more than 50 undergraduate degrees, six master's degrees, a PhD in leadership (ph. D), and a PhD in physical therapy (DPT).