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 The American college of professional hairstyling is a professional training school for hairdressing and hairstyling. It is now called the American college of professional hairstyling (Chicago).Founded in 1997, American vocational college (Chicago) specializes in creating creative grooms, grooms, manicurists and beauty instructors.Among the courses offered by American vocational college (Chicago), there are specialized courses for beautician, such as haircut, shampoo, hair dye, perm, hair extension, manicure, facial beauty, makeup, etc.The American vocational college (Chicago) also offers courses to create a nail technician, such as manicure, manicure, chisel, pedicure, disinfection and other courses.It is the educational concept and mission of American vocational college (Chicago) to create talents of high technology beauty technician, which provides an opportunity for talents in this aspect, and provides students with educational procedures that can benefit from it to realize quality education, and at the same time, creates the best and personalized learning environment in the shortest training process.Specialty: law, education, vocational education and other categories