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 Arizona Western College (AWC) is a medium-sized public community College in the Arizona suburb of Yuma. Founded in 1963, AWC has an enrollment of approximately 7,877 students.The school now has a school of agriculture, school of education, school of biology, business school, school of communication, school of computer and technology, school of art, school of English, medical school, and more than 70 majors.At present, there are 6,595 students and the teacher-student ratio is about 1:15.Arizona western college offers a 2-year associate's degree and related diploma in health and related fields, liberal arts and sciences, general education and the humanities, architecture, and other related fields.Specific professional is as follows: art, science, natural science education, nursing, biology, jurisprudence, drama, English, emergency management, history, mathematics, computer and information technology, music, sports, geography, political science, psychology, sociology, accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing.