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Arkansas state university has seven schools: college of agriculture and engineering, school of business, college of humanities, arts and media, college of education and behavioral sciences, college of nursing and health, college of science and mathematics, and university college.Arkansas state university has 12 college programs, 74 undergraduate programs, 46 master's programs, and 4 doctoral programs. Currently, more than 17,000 students from 59 countries attend the university.professionalAccounting, business management, business economics, business technology, computer and information technology, economics, finance, global supply chain management, international finance, management, marketing, biology science, plant science, chemistry, computer science, environmental science, environmental studies, normal science, mathematics, physics, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and applied science, plant science, technology, agriculture, commerce, agricultural research, animal science, art, communication studies, school of creative media, crime scene investigation, plane design, criminology, English, history, law enforcement, law enforcement management, multimedia news, music, music education,Philosophy, political science, social science, sociology, strategic communication, drama, the language and culture, sports training, children's early education, elementary education, sports science, health promotion, intermediate education, physical education, psychology, special education, sports management, science, communication disorders, clinical trials of nutrition, health, research, nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, radiation science, social work.Master major:Accounting, management, and adult health care, agriculture and agricultural education, art, biology, business administration, business, technology, chemistry, university student work, communication disorders, computer science, consultation, communication, learning and drama education, criminal justice, curriculum and teaching, early childhood education, early childhood services, education, education theory and practice of leadership, project management,English, environmental science, sports science, family care physicians, history, information system and electronic business, journalism, mass communication, pedagogy, math, music, music education, music playing, anesthesia nursing, nursing education, nursing management, physical education, physical therapy, politics, public management, radio and television, reading, rehabilitation counseling, school counseling, social work, sociology, social sciences, special education, special education (for performance), special education (for mood disorders), language communication, community college education, drama, vocational and technical managementDoctoral programs: educational leadership, environmental science, heritage research, physical therapy, molecular biology.Characteristics of professionalBusiness, management, marketing, education, health and related clinical sciences, liberal arts research, humanities, social sciences.Only 12% of the world's universities, including harvard, have AACSB accreditation.The university's electronic engineering market demand is huge, students after graduation three years to work in the United States.