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The university of asford, formerly known as the Franciscan university (Clinton), is a private school in the United States.The school was founded in 1918,Mount st. clair college, as it was then called, underwent several changes in its development, receiving funding from the Franciscan sororities, and in 2003 it was renamed the university of the Franciscan.It was acquired by Bridgepoint education in March 2005 and renamed asford university, ending the funding of the Franciscan church.Asford's campus is located in Clinton, Iowa, and offers undergraduate programs in accounting, finance, sports and entertainment management, public relations and marketing, computer graphic design, business administration, and business information systems.At the same time, based at the university of California, San Diego, set up the campus network, provide a variety of professional course, can be awarded bachelor's degree, bachelor's, master's degree, major in: communication technology tools management, organizational behavior, international trade, marketing, management, accounting management, economic management, business research methods and tools, business operations, financial management, legal environment, business strategy, social change management.Professional SettingsUndergraduate: engineering, management, education, economics