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The university of ashland is an independent comprehensive university located in Ohio, USA. Founded in 1878, the university specializes in business and education.The school's curriculum focuses on the importance of the arts and sciences and offers courses in business, education and theology in the selection of majors.The school ranked 190th in the United States in 2012.Bachelor degree programmesArt (Art education, business Art, Computer Art and image processing), music music, Biology, Toxicology, Chemistry, Computer Science, judicial Justice, English, Environmental Science, Family and Consumer Sciences, Geology,History, Journalism, Mathematics, Physics, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Communication (film, television and radio), Communication Arts, Religion, Social Work, Sociology,Sport Communication, Theatre, Electronic Media Production, Nursing, Accounting.Master degree programmesMBA (business administration, human resource management, finance, global management, project management), Education Education, American history and political power, theology.Doctoral programmesThe pedagogy.