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As a famous missionary university in modern China, the university of aurora was once known as the "university of Paris Oriental". It was the first university in China to carry out postgraduate education and award doctoral and master's degrees.By 1947, the university had a medical school, a polytechnic, a law school, a faculty of arts, a women's college of arts and sciences, two secondary schools, and two schools for advanced nurses.On February 27, 1903, aurora college was formally established.At the beginning, the school was established for two years. The major was divided into two categories: literature and quality (science). Before long, it developed into literature, image number (mathematics), shape (science) and knowledge (philosophy).In 1908, the college offered two subjects: Latin, French, English, German, Italian, philosophy, history, geography, political science, mathematics, chemistry, biology, geology, bookkeeping, drawing, music and gymnastics.