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Founded in 1916, AvilaUniversity is a private four-year Catholic college in the second largest city in Missouri, Central America. AvilaUniversity is famous for its liberal arts department. It has more than 40 majors. The ratio of teachers to students is 1:12.AvilaUniversity enjoys a high reputation in the world for the quality of teaching, among which computer science, electronic engineering, business and education are the best in the United States. In addition, AvilaUniversity's e-commerce education is unique in the United States.University courses:School of behavioral and social sciences: political science, psychology, social work, sociology, anthropology (minor)School of education: primary education, special education, junior high school education, senior high school education, pedagogySchool of nursing: nursingSchool of science and health: biology, computer science, information management systems, health science foundation, radiology, exercise scienceBusiness school: accounting, business administration, finance, management, international business, marketing, economics (minor)School of humanities and performance arts: English, history, music, religion, dramaSchool of visual and communication arts: art + design, communication, sound art (minor)Postgraduate courses:MBA programs (accounting, finance, management, health care, international business, management information systems and marketing)Master's programs (education, counseling psychology, general psychology and organizational development)