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Baldwin Wallace University is located in picturesque berea, Ohio, just 20 minutes from Cleveland.Cleveland is home to many fortune 500 companies and is a center of entertainment and culture.Popular majors: business/finance, education, English language and literature, physical sciences, social sciences special courses first year experience, study abroad, or peak advanced academic exchange, learning community, internship, cooperative education, practice.Baldwin Wallace University is a private college based on the college of liberal arts. It was the first college in the United States to eliminate racial and gender discrimination.The spirit of inclusiveness and renewal continues to this day.Baldwin Wallace college is a great place to combine academic programs rooted in the humanities with students' future careers.Thus, students can leisurely find a suitable life for themselves.This is a high quality curriculum that focuses on individual differences.Therefore, it is naturally welcomed by students."A quality education -- you can have it, too" was more than just a slogan at Baldwin Wallace. It was Wallace's goal.